Online dating viber

online dating viber

How do I make a free Viber call?

Click the Call button You can also make free Viber to Viber calls from your desktop either by selecting a contact from your existing contact list or by typing in a contact’s phone number through your keypad. Here’s how to get it done by desktop in case you’re busy charging your phone in the meantime: 1. Open Viber 2. Open the contact list 3.

How do I share a Viber group to another Viber account?

Open Viber > tap the new chat icon in the top right corner > Create Group. Choose participants to add. Tap ‘Group’ > ‘Add participants via link’. Choose ‘Copy link’ or ‘Share Link’. If you chose ‘Copy link’ > Open WhatsApp and paste the link in the relevant chat. If you chose ‘Share link’ > select the chat you’d like to share it to.

How do I know if a contact is online on Viber?

Check your contacts last-seen date at the top. Find your contacts name at the top of their profile page, and check if it says Online below their name. If your contact is currently offline, this line will indicate their last-seen date, which is the last time they were on Viber.

Where is the Viber app on my phone?

The Viber app looks like a white phone icon in a purple speech bubble. You can find it on your home screen, or in a folder. icon on the top-left to go back to your Chats list. Tap the Chats tab.

How to make a call on Viber?

How to make a call. 1 Open Viber on your Desktop. 2 In the Chats menu, select the person you want to call or find them by their name in the Search bar. 3 Click on either the Audio or Video call button (top right corner)

How to call abroad for free on Viber?

How to Call Abroad For Free 1 Click Open Keypad 2 Enter the Viber user’s phone number in the correct format (+Country Code – Area Code – Phone number) 3 Click the Call button More ...

Can you call someone on Viber without paying?

Making calls using Viber to another Viber account is free, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. If you need to call another person outside Viber, you have to pay the appropriate call charges. Calling someone local, either landline or mobile phone, is pretty straightforward as you don’t need Viber to do that.

What is Viber and how does it work?

As a cross-platform instant messaging and VoIP app, Viber enables you to call, video call and message other Viber users for free no matter where you are. How does it work, you wonder?

Choose a contact and tap on it. In the top under its name you will see its actual status ( Online or Last seen ). Is Viber online status accurate? Viber online status is not 100% accurate. Always try to check with the person to whom you are going to call if they will be available at a certain time.

Can you see if someone read your message on Viber?

How do I download Viber on my phone?

You can download Viber from either Google Play ( Android) or the App Store ( iOS ). Open Viber on your Phone. Tap Continue on the Welcome screen. Enter your phone number (without the first zero). If your country code isn’t shown automatically, or it’s wrong, you will need to update it manually.

Is there an app called Viber for iPhone?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Viber Media SARL. Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide! Text now for free and make high-quality crystal-clear phone calls.

Can I use Viber on my Desktop?

You don’t need to be connected to Viber on your phone to use Viber on your desktop, however, you should always keep Viber on your phone updated for optimal app performance on both devices. Some chat features may not be available on desktop.

How do I Activate my Viber on a second device?

Secondary devices, such as your Viber on your Desktop, will not be affected. Your activation code will be sent to the phone number that you enter on the Viber welcome screen. If you didn’t receive the code, tap Resend code. Scan the QR code using the default Camera app on your phone.

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