Who is dating who in kpop

who is dating who in kpop

Are any of the Kpop idols dating?

K-Pop idols are popular worldwide and always busy with their own schedules in South Korea as well as overseas. As human beings, they also want to feel love from the opposite gender without worrying about their race or ethnicity etc. While some of the idols confirm that they are dating or married, some of them are secretly in relationships.

Who are the most famous couples in K-pop?

This couple is probably one of the most well known couple among K-Pop fans. The two started dating back in May 2016, making them almost a 4-year couple! Kang Daniel and TWICEs JiHyo are known as the power couple in the K-Pop scene as the two of them are influential as a K-Pop idol.

Are twices Jihyo and K-Pop Idol Kang Daniel dating?

Kang Daniel and TWICEs JiHyo are known as the power couple in the K-Pop scene as the two of them are influential as a K-Pop idol. The news of them dating broke out in August 2019 and both agencies also admitted that they have been dating.

Do K-pop idols date in cars?

Many idols had admitted that they had dated in the car. The place is seen as the easiest place to date because it’s personal, well-hidden and easy to move around. So if the idol recently purchased a new car, fans should suspect them!

Do Kpop idols date within their group?

There probably are lots of idols who date within their group, just like there are lots of idols who date in general. However, they probably wont ever say that because of homophobia and because kpop fans (more the Koreans than the international ones) are against dating in general.

Which companies allow dating in K-pop?

The only company that is known which allows dating is JYP Entertainment. However, this is only a couple of years after the debut. They don’t allow the idols to date right after the debut. This is one of the few companies that actually support the idols outside their work. JYP Entertainment is known to be very good to the idols.

How do international fans react to South Korean idols dating?

Generally, international fans tend to be more understanding and supportive than most South Korean fans when it comes to idols dating. And it must be perplexing for them sometimes to see the extreme backlash some idols face when countless new celebrity couples of other countries seem to pop up in the news headlines almost every day.

Why do companies fear K-pop idols’ relationships?

Companies fear that K-Pop idols may lose track of their goals and could potentially slack off if they get into a relationship. Idols have to sell a certain image of being available and dedicated to their fans. In the K-pop industry, the importance of fans and fan service is a lot higher compared to other music industries.

Why do K-pop idols buy cars?

In a country with great transportation methods and managers on call, idols usually dont need a car of their own. Netizens claim that idols buy cars to have secret car-dates or to throw off the paparazzi by having a date in a new car.

Are Kpop idols allowed to date?

No, most of the Kpop idols aren’t allowed to date because that is what it says in their contract. Contracts are often 5 to 10 years long where idols aren’t allowed to date. This might sound harsh, but it’s what the idols have signed up for.

Are male K-pop idols taking status symbol to the next level?

Most of us are satisfied with affordable cars, but these male K-Pop idols have taken status symbol to the next level. As gas prices and car insurance rates keep going higher every year, many people are using just public transportation, biking.

Do K-pop stars actually date?

Three former K-pop Stars have disclosed how celebrities in the idol world actually date. Tina from Blady, Eddy from JJCC, and Alex of High4 discussed it through Tinas YouTube channel. Tina expressed that she would watch the final show if they were to watch a film.

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