Woodworking dating sites

woodworking dating sites

Are there any female woodworkers online?

In a traditionally male-dominated space it is absolutely incredible and inspiring to see so many female woodworkers taking the lead online. When I started woodworking in 2012 there were very few female woodworkers in this space. And the ones that were around I had to REALLY search for.

What are the best woodworking forums?

Woodworkers Guild of America is an excellent site with videos, forums, and projects. This site is run by wood magazine and has a lot of great content. Woodworking Talk is probably one of if not the largest woodworking forum sites.

What are the best woodworking websites for beginners?

The Schillaci Fine Woodworking website has a large homepage header picture with a call-to-action button encouraging users to explore more. A portfolio displays photos of the company’s projects. Unique website features include a client list, an Instagram feed and videos.

Where can I find free woodworking plans?

Shanty 2 Chic is another great site to find tons of free woodworking plans for a range of skill sets. The majority of the plans tell you how much you can expect to spend, which is great when you’re trying to build inexpensively. You can also find tutorials for tool use and lots of great information for beginners.

How many women work in the woodworking industry?

When referring to the professional world, the percentage of women drops from 20 percent to 10, but the overall proportion of women employed as woodworkers is actually much lower.

Can a woman make fine woodwork?

Many women woodworkers indicate that they have endured tedious and repeated questions about their competency, and they report that people often refuse to believe that a woman could produce fine woodwork. Most of the women woodworkers I interviewed for this article report that their work is often assumed to be that of a male partner.

Is women’s progress in woodworking over?

In just a few generations, women have made remarkable progress in woodworking. Still, the work of elevating women, minorities, and people of color to a place of parity is clearly not over.

Who are the best female woodworkers?

Jen Woodhouse is another amazing female woodworker. She has a ton of building tutorials on her website along with tool reviews and recommendations. Her projects range from small, beginner projects to large furniture like beds and tables. I love seeing the ideas she comes up with.

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