Polaris 360 hook up

polaris 360 hook up

How to put a Polaris 360 in a swimming pool?

Next, pull the bag out of the cleaner body and attach bag tie collar to the feed hose. Then push the head float all the way in against the 360’s body. Now, place the Polaris 360 in the swimming pool and turn the filter pump on.

Is $100 a good price for a Polaris 360?

The Polaris 360s MSRP is $733.38 and we have it for sale at $418.99. $100 could very well be a great deal, but you would want to be sure of the cleaners true condition. These cleaners do have parts that fail and wear out over time. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call (1-800-772-0467).

What is the warranty on the Polaris 360 frame?

The Polaris 360 comes with a 1-year parts warranty and a 10-year warranty on the frame itself. I would recommend giving Polaris a call and see if theyre able to help. Their contact information may be found here:

What RPM does a Polaris 360 pool cleaner run at?

The manual states that the Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner needs to operate between 28 and 32 RPM. To check yours, mark one wheel tire, then turn the pump on and count the revolutions for a minute. If your count is outside the 28 – 32 range, refer to your manual for further assistance and help.

How does the Polaris 360 vacuum cleaner work?

When operating correctly, the Polaris 360 will travel randomly throughout the pool, vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing the bottom.The climbing ability of the Polaris is dependent on the pool’s shape and available water flow. It will climb better in pools without sharp angles or curves in the transition from the pool floor to the pool wall.

Why wont my Polaris 360 clean the pool?

Too little return pressure and the Polaris 360 will not move around the pool and pick up debris. Too little water pressure will also cause the Back-up Valve to engage more often and for longer periods of time which also will hamper the Polaris 360s cleaning ability.

What are the best practices for the Polaris 360?

The following are important points to remember when installing and operating the Polaris 360. • Always disconnect the Polaris from the pool wall when cleaning or backwashing the pool filter. • After cleaning or backwashing, let the filtration system run for at least five minutes before reconnecting the Polaris.

How do I restrict the flow of a Polaris 360 return?

If the 360 is connected to one of the pools return lines, restrict the flow from the other returns.Use the Polaris Standard Eyeball Regulator Disks (part #9-100-8006) available at your participating Polaris dealer.If your pool does not have eyeball returns, contact our Customer Service Department.

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