Sm entertainment dating policy

sm entertainment dating policy

How long is the dating ban at BTS?

The dating ban was initially five years. But no one kept the rule, so it was shorted to three. However, this doesn’t apply to all artists at the company, as Baek Ah Yeon once revealed that the company never placed a dating ban on her. The company encourages me to go outside, meet people and date.

What are the dating rules for JYP?

JYP Entertainment JYP Entertainment is more simple about their dating rules, as Park Jin Young has stated multiple times in the past that artists aren’t allowed to date for the first three years of their careers. The dating ban was initially five years. But no one kept the rule, so it was shorted to three.

Are Blackpink’s members banned from dating?

When Yang Hyun Suk was the head of YG Entertainment, their artists usually were banned from dating for an unknown amount of time. BLACKPINK revealed in the past that rookies at the company are banned from dating. Not only BLACKPINK, but iKON ‘s Bobby has also revealed in the past that artists at the company are banned from dating.

Should K-pop idols be allowed to date?

They all differ quite a bit! K-Pop idols dating has always been a touchy topic, as many netizens and “fans” believe idols shouldn’t be allowed to date for the “sake of their fans”. K-Pop companies all have different viewpoints about dating.

Why are BTS members not allowed to date?

BTS is not the only group that is not allowed to date. Actually, almost all K-Pop idols that have to follow this ridiculous rule. So, now… back to the reason…. The main reason that they are not allowed to date is because they might lose a lot of fans if they started dating.

Will BTS disband in 2027?

No, BTS won’t disband because they have renewed their contracts until 2027. This is going to take a long time before their contract ends, and once everyone has finished their military service, it’s probably around 2025 – 2026. That’s when we hopefully see BTS perform all together and release awesome music.

Does BTS have a girlfriend?

But, we do have a bit of info about BTS’ past dating history. After all, some of the older BTS members including M, Suga, and J-Hope have revealed that they had girlfriends in the past. BTSs 7 members were discovered in different ways!

Are you not allowed to date someone after debut?

SoMi We are not allowed to date someone for 3 years after debut. PRISTINs KyulKyung I was told theres a dating ban for 3~4 years. Hani I was told that even if you have a boy friend, its only your life.

Are BLACKPINK Members Allowed to Date? BLACKPINK’s members include Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, and they debuted under one of South Korea’s biggest agencies, YG Entertainment. A lot of rumors have spread regarding the “six restrictions” listed on the contracts of all K-pop idols under YG Entertainment, one being the dating restriction.

Why is BLACKPINK banned from YG Entertainment?

Is Lisa from BLACKPINK in a relationship? Dating rumours It is normal for K-pop stars to be banned from dating whilst actively in their bands and the girls have confirmed their label YG Entertainment has this rule in place. They are also banned from drinking, smoking, getting tattoos, going to clubs or getting plastic surgery.

Why don’t Kpop idols date?

Kpop idols are restricted by a lot of things. Dating is one of them. If idols date it is breaking one of the rules for a kpop Idol. The companies say that if the idols date, it will cause controversies. Another reason is that idols are busy with entertaining their fans and if the idol started dating, they won’t have time for one or the other.

Whats wrong with dating in the KPop world?

K-pop idols dating in general causes a lot of problems and often the person there in a relationship with will get attacked by crazy fans. Fans want to think they can date their idol, so they get turned off when they find out their idol is in a relationship.

Is dating a red flag for kpop Idols?

While dating is like a red flag for idols, Korean citizens enumerated the things that K-pop idols should never do like ordinary citizens. Surprisingly, dating is not part of the list, but drugs, smoking, and gambling were mentioned.

Do Kpop idols comply with standards in South Korea?

K-pop idols comply with certain standards in South Korea, which, at times, are overstepping to their personal lives. It is widely known that most of the time, Korean celebrities are not open to date freely. Many think that due to the countrys standard in terms of dating, they usually resort to keeping the relationship hidden from the public glare.

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