Folkestone dating site

folkestone dating site

Can online dating help you find love in Folkestone?

That’s why so many single men and women are using trusted online dating sites to help them find love. UrbanSocial has been helping singles in Folkestone and across the UK find a relationship since 2003.

Is Folkestone a trendy seaside destination?

From the candy floss era that was The Rotunda amusements, to the time the towns cherished Leas Club closed for good, its been a rollercoaster ride. And despite the visual dip seen when the country entered a recession in 2008, Folkestone has punched its way back as a trendy seaside destination.

Why is Folkestone the cheapest place in Kent to buy?

High speed links to London in under an hour has a massive draw on people choosing a slower pace of life away from the big smoke. But for those people who love where the live, but would like to have a home to call their own, Folkestone is by far the cheapest place in Kent to buy.

What ever happened to Folkestone?

Rewind two decades ago, and Folkestone may well have been looking very sorry for itself. The Rotunda days were just about to come to a crashing end, the Sunday Market was dwindling and the candy-floss seaside vibe was taking a nose dive.

What is it like to live in Folkestone?

It was a resort with class, and the gentry would spend their holidays taking the air along the Leas - where the ordinary people were forbidden to go. Nowadays, more people spend their vacations abroad, so Folkestone, along with many other seaside towns has had to learn to do without such a large tourist trade.

How did Folkestone change over the years?

Following World War Two and the damage caused by 77 air raids and six V1 attacks, Folkestone yet again had to rebuild and re-design itself in order to continue in its function as a resort for holidaymakers and day-trippers.

What is happening to Folkestone Racecourse?

With uncertainty hanging over its future amid looming development, the racecourse has been left unkempt and disused Folkestone Racecourse has been left in a derelict state of neglect since its closure more than six years ago. Situated off junction 11 of the M20 in Westenhanger, the racecourse shut its doors in 2012.

What is the meaning of Folkestone?

Folkestone (/ ˈfoʊkstən / FOHK-stən) is a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England. The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliffs. It was an important harbour and shipping port for most of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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