Is klay thompson dating laura harrier

is klay thompson dating laura harrier

Is Klay Thompson dating actress Lara Harrier?

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has a new girlfriend - actress Lara Harrier, MTO New has confirmed. The pair have been hanging out in Los Angeles a lot in the past few months. Word is that Klay plans on spending a lot of time in Southern California in the next few years - if things with him and Laura work out.

Who is Klay Thompsons new girlfriend?

NBA star Klay Thompson is dating actress Laura Harrier. Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has a new girlfriend - actress Lara Harrier, MTO New has confirmed.

Is Klay Thompson dating Jordon Poole?

Some sources reported that Thompson started dating model Paige Carmen back in the summer of 2021, and Laura Harrier seemed to move on that summer too. However, Klay Thompson and Laura Harriers fling has come back into the news recently thanks to Thompsons teammate Jordon Poole.

Who is Laura Harrier girlfriend?

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Laura Harrier: Early Life Laura was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 28, 1990. She is the daughter of Temujin Harrier and Linda Sagan. Besides, her father is African American, and her mother is Polish English.

Is Jordan Poole dating? The 22-YO’s popularity is soaring this season. His importance on the Warriors is clearly coming to show as he impresses every night. However, his dating life is not as popular. Unlike his professional career, the shooting guard has kept his personal life very private.

Who is Klay Thompson’s girlfriend Laura Harrier?

Who is Laura Harrier dating in 2021?

This piece will look at Laura Harrier’s dating life. Laura and fashion designer Sam Jarou went public with their relationship in July 2021 as the paparazzi spotted them sharing kisses in Monaco, France. Sam Jarou works for the fashion brand Noon Goons as the head of creative.

Who is Klay Thompson’s girlfriend Laura Harrier?

Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson started dating in 2018. The pair had a public relationship, but they never addressed it in the media. Klay and Laura reportedly broke up in mid-2019 before getting back together in July. In August 2019, the pair enjoyed a romantic getaway in France.

Who is Laura Laura Harrier?

Laura Ruth Harrier is an American actress and a model. At the tender age of 17 years old, the Hollywood star stepped into the world of modeling and decided to move to New York to realize that dream.

How much is Laura Harrier worth?

Klay Thompson Girlfriend: Laura Harrier’s Facts At A Glance: Full Name Laura Ruth Harrier Net Worth $500,000 Tattoos None Social Media Instagram, Twitter Last Update 2021 25 more rows ...

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