Sober curious dating

sober curious dating

How do you date while youre sober?

Be open, honest, and confident about the stance that you have chosen to take and the changes you are interested in pursuing regarding use of alcohol relating to dating while sober, she said, just as you would with your pursuit to develop any core value or self-improvement. Be mindful about where you have a date, B. continued.

Is sober dating on the rise in 2022?

This has led to a rise in sober (curious) dating as well. In 2022, daters are more mindful about their drinking: 74 percent of single daters restricted their alcohol use in the last year, according to eharmonys 2022 Happiness Index, a survey of 3,000 adults over 21.

Is sober dating becoming more popular during the pandemic?

Since sober dating has become more common since the pandemic – and with the wide embrace of sobriety-focused campaigns like Dry January– “a lot more people are open to ,” Bridgman has discovered.

Is ‘sober curiosity’ the new trend?

But the trend towards “sober curiosity” has been increasing throughout the past several years, says Laura Silverman, who writes about the “booze-free lifestyle” with the blogs Booze Free in DC (based in Washington, DC, US) and Zero Proof Nation.

Is sober curious the new wellness trend?

But there’s a wellness movement trying to curb that thinking. Enter sober curiosity: an exploration of life with little to no alcohol. While the sober curious trend may seem counterculture, it’s been gaining momentum within recent years.

What is the sober curious movement?

The sober curious movement can’t be pinpointed to one specific person or moment in time. “Like most trends, it started with a few forward thinking and creative people saying, ‘Hey, why am I compromising my health, spending extraordinary amounts of money and depending on a substance to connect with other human beings?’”

Should millennials follow their sober curiosity?

As for why people, millennial or not, should follow their sober curiosity, the benefits are numerous. Some of the most common are: Clear thinking. “The primary benefit is being fully present for yourself, your relationships and the world around you,” says Dr. Hokemeyer. “Alcohol is a mind altering chemical.

What is the new sobriety?

The New Sobriety 1 The ‘Gray Area’. The simple act of waving off wine at a dinner party used to be interpreted as a tacit signal that you were in recovery, “on the wagon,” ... 2 Dry Gets Juicy. And while we’re talking about today’s options. ... 3 Gin Is a Gendered Issue. ...

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